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B+D is an authorized stocking distributor of board level "original" semiconductor components. We have been servicing the commercial, consumer, industrial and medical repair market since 1976.

Types of semiconductors we sell: Transistors (Bi polar NPN + PNP), FETS, IGBTS, Bridge Rectifiers (3 phase bridges), SBDS, Fuses, Motor Driver IC's (single + multiple phase), Peripheral Controller IC's, Photo Couplers, OPAMPS, Capacitors and Switching regulators and MORE!

We fully support the industrial electronics market, including manufacturing, maintenance, and repair. With years of specific engineering expertise our sales engineers will work with you to find the correct components, tools and maintenance supplies to fit your particular requirements.

We ONLY sell NEW, ORIGINAL parts. NO pulls or refurbished parts.

Whether you’re looking to spec a new motor driver or overnight a replacement fuse on an aging CNC machine, we are the ones to call first. We have many of the latest and hard to find industrial components in stock and ready to ship from SanRex, Fuji Electric, and Sanken. 

When it comes to replacement and repair components we know that down time means more than just a machine not running, and that every minute lost looking for fuse , IGBT or rectifier means thousands of dollars in lost productivity and revenue. At this point, when critical operations are at a stand still, you need a solid, dependable, experienced team to get you quickly back up and running.

We understand that having same day shipping is critical in the industrial repair market. We have same day shipping and are confident we can be of service to your company.

Call us at 1-800-458-6053, and we’ll work hard to deliver for you!


About Us

At B+D, our goal is to build a customer following that is second to none in the world of electronic component supply. Our focus is to offer all of our customers not only the highest quality products, but the very best service and support for those products.  
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B+D Enterprises